We are convinced that great companies are built by great entrepreneurs, not by investors. We know how difficult and challenging it is to build a company. We have done it before (many times!) and now we want to partner with extraordinary entrepreneurs to successfully co-build their companies. We mentor and support our partners with a long-term view, leveraging our experience, partners, and networks to mitigate risks and maximize growth and success chances.


I bring more than 25 years of intensive experience as a Co-Founder and CEO in media, technology, and events industry companies. In this capacity, I have advised different companies of various sizes, business models, as a consultant to co-founders and CEOs in consultative capacities to help drive business planning, growth, M&A opportunities and strategy.


Although we are not a fund, we co-invest with very successful entrepreneurs, angel investors, Venture Capitalists, Private Equity, and particularly with Corporate Venture Capital firms. We also help corporations who are looking to build their own Corporate Venture Capital activities. We predominately focus on marketing tech, education tech, events tech, and digital media opportunities.

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