I’m an entrepreneur and occasional investor. I love working with smart entrepreneurs and innovative corporations.

I have a great family and different passions in life. Travel, food, photography, gadgets, tech, tennis, ski, among many others.

This site is about some of those interests, but mostly about my business-related passions, as well as my own thoughts and opinions about topics that are fascinating to me. I’ve spent many years around the media, tech, and events industries and have been fortunate enough to learn from many mentors and amazing people.

Marcogiberti.com is a place where I want to share many lessons I’ve learned, as well as any new lessons that I’ll gain from the people I meet and the places I visit.
It’s an experiment, a diary, and like my life, it will probably include some ideas in English, Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese.

A space for lively conversation, which I look forward to keeping open for many years to come.

Vesuvio Ventures

Our Story
35,000 years ago, Mount Vesuvius (Vesuvio in Italian) was born. This miracle created a unique and rich soil that has been cultivated since before the birth of Christ and nurtures the best vines, vegetables, and flowers on earth. Like Vesuvio, our goal is to offer the best soil and nutrients where the best ideas, companies, and entrepreneurs of the world can flourish and thrive.

The 9 Criteria Points We Use When Considering Funding and Advising a Company...

Industries and markets where we can contribute the highest level of expertise and value. Our target investment areas are the following: Live events technology, SAAS, B2B online media, online education, Enterprise software, and marketing technology.

We seek out Entrepreneurs who know how to use advisors and have a committed management team. Ideally, 2-4 people are involved with complementary skills. Ventures where the CEO & senior management team members have a proper proportion of the ownership to make it worthwhile to invest their time and effort into their passionate endeavor.

Ventures that can be launched with little external capital -less than $250,000- and have gross margins to sustain high growth with internally generated funds.

Ventures that generate revenues from the USA and/or Europe while having competitive operating costs in Latin America. We can help leverage opportunities from European or US companies rolling out into Latin America and vice versa Latin American companies looking to go global.

Ventures whose product or service can make an impact on the market today. We do not invest in pure-science inventions where real-world applications are years away, nor are we interested in entering mature markets that are already crowded with competitors.

Ventures with Products/Services far along in the development cycle (i.e., ready for sale), with the ability to create perceived or actual revenue within three months, and with the ability to achieve the breakeven point within six months.

Entrepreneurs should know how they will make money, which are the customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, cost of sales, margins, operating expenses, taxes, etc.

Ventures that can answer a simple question: Why customers will buy our product or service?

Ventures with a compelling business model and a scalable concept: at least $10m in year 5.

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The event world has changed. Have you? Business of Events Masterclass, Starting soon!

My Books

Face-to-face events, trade shows, and fairs of all sorts have been a main- stay of global commerce reaching as far back as the Holy Roman Empire, but as you know: all empires fall.

Much like Airbnb did to hospitality, Uber to transportation, Facebook to communication, and Alibaba to product sourcing, a new disruptive headwind is setting its sights on the $550 billion dollar per year events industry and will reorganize the industry in ways it has never seen.

In The Face of Digital, heralded entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors, Jay Weintraub and Marco Gilberti take you behind the scenes of this global commerce-altering disruption in the making, show you what’s already going on, tell what to expect in the future, and help you understand how to prepare.

This book is a must-read for any business whose future earnings rely on face-to-face events.

Grab your copy here:


Forget the traditional one-off, in-person event. Welcome to a new world, where event organizers no longer see themselves as pure organizers; rather their role is to facilitate—business, connections, education, and advocacy. Events are fast becoming catalysts for building communities and nurturing customer relationships “all year round”—with the use of event technology at its core.

Denzil Rankine and Marco Giberti have seen it all in their 30 years of consulting, operating, and investing across the global exhibitions and events industry. Based on dozens of their interviews with senior executives, entrepreneurs, and investors, this book is packed full of practical case studies that will equip readers with new strategies, tools, and insights they can apply back into their day-to-day roles.

This book is a must-read for C-Level management, marketing and event professionals, or anyone looking to participate in the events industry.

Grab your copy here:

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